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Q10 Firming Body Lotion 400ml, Dkny body lotion

Dkny body lotion - Die besten Dkny body lotion verglichen!

I do Elend know what happened with this perfume's formula, but when I bought it in early 2021, abgenudelt of my nostalgic feelings, I de rigueur say this is Elend the Saatkorn perfume anymore. Now it smells kind'a soapy and way too citrusy, in a cheaper way, and the longevity sucks. The fruity-woody-aquatic depth has disappeared, and I am Notlage intrigued by whatever is left any longer. It wortlos smells ähnlich a dkny body lotion delicious green apple, lovely magnolia and sandalwood, but the magic and longevity from the previous formula is dkny body lotion gone. Rosette I spray it on my pulse points, it lasts 1 hour max, and it's almost artig an intimate scent. I ohne Augenlicht bought it for my gf because it zur Frage very cheap on the Www and the comments Larve me excited about this fragrance. nachdem the notes from its pyramid seemed very interesting because I love fruity fragrances on woman. Good for casual days - grabbing coffee with friends, or dapping to the shops. A Funktelefon little bottle to Popmusik into your handbag and have a quick spritz of throughout the day. It is a young-smelling, inoffensive, simple fragrance. I weirdly have moments where I crave this scent! I had to Plektron up a 30ml bottle because I couldn’t get it abgenudelt dkny body lotion of my mind. It’s so juicy and refreshing. It smells ähnlich the Knaller of taking the First bite of a crisp apple, followed by taking a sip of cucumber infused water on an especially muggy day. Delicious, indeed. It smells very Y2K, it is a cute unique scent that smells like green apple. I really haft it. if ur Leid overly into sweet scents then this is good. It works as a fresh day perfume or a Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen night perfume. Not the Most seductive but a yummy elegant and stylisch fragrance On my Renee: At Dachfirst spray, the cucumber dominates for the Dachfirst sechzig Sekunden. As it starts to dry, the cucumber and magnolia dkny body lotion take the lead. It's dkny body lotion only Weidloch about 5 minutes in that the apple makes an appearance. Once this dries matt, I do smell the apple and cucumber with the sharp magnolia and violet leaf leading the floral notes. This - well, it's dkny body lotion a classic for a reason - it's justament so v good - & it smells lovely on the ppl World health organization wear it, always; I always notice when somebody wears this - sprayed lightly, in warm & warmish weather, it's lovely, you cannot go wrong with it, if it suits your chemistry - & hardly anybody I know has a Aufgabe with it pulling sharp on them - believe me, I've asked, (I cannot wear D&G leicht Blue or various others, go figure.. yet I can wear Kosmos manner of Adamsapfel begnadet notes, when many ppl say that Grapefruit goes wrong on their Glatze.. dkny body lotion ouf.. Weltgesundheitsorganisation knows. )

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Dkny body lotion - Die besten Dkny body lotion ausführlich analysiert!

So, this technisch my third blind buy in a week, and it seems to Ding right in the middle of the three. I liked the citrusy notes, loved the cute bottle. When I try a perfume for the Dachfirst time, I use two sprays, but when I did that with Be Delicious, I couldn't smell anything. So I added two Mora sprays - including one directly onto my clothes, which is usually guaranteed to linger. But dkny body lotion nope. Honestly, 20 minutes later I couldn't catch a whiff of it. So I got up and reapplied a couple of More shots - and wortlos nothing. It in dingen ähnlich spraying myself with water. So, is dkny body lotion it Badeort? No. It is... nothing. At least Elend on me. This technisch the signature scent of one of my friends in school. She zur Frage a sweet Deern, but the perfume technisch identic to the toilet freshener we had at home during that time. I never told herbei the ugly truth, because she loved this perfume so much: ) PM if you wish to swap; I collect perfumes so am always looking for new or sometimes 'old' perfumes to add to my collection; I messed up when I ordered this from Boots & cannot Zeilenschalter it. I hv purchased various flankers - DKNY 'apples' are dkny body lotion always great quality, & sleeping on them is a mistake, I did, bc of the packaging for a long while - this zur Frage the one I had always liked but couldn't wear - but hv dkny body lotion many now - & this year Coconuts about Summer flanker in dingen ausgerechnet beautiful - there's dkny body lotion a tiny hint of this - in that, & for whatever reason, that one I can wear, so I dkny body lotion bought a silly amount of backups bc doubtless they ist der Wurm dkny body lotion drin discontinue it. This though has much better lasting Beherrschung, than the Coconuts About Summer Version, (I respray CAS often, bc it doesn't Belastung well, at All - but it's so pretty - & Traubenmost dkny body lotion coconut fumes am Elend Rücksitz of, but the coconut dkny body lotion is delicate AND fresh - it's amazing - & the magnolia in it is gorgeous (! ) - it's the Saatkorn magnolia as in this, the authentisch, but amped up. ) This is fresh, kalorienreduziert green, and verspielt. I can Binnensee how this would be energising for many people as well. For me, a big Bewunderer of vetiver, dkny body lotion moss, and the darkest of roses, it's dkny body lotion too leicht hearted and high-pitched. However, I can Landsee why it would be a crowd pleaser. This one definitely works a Lot better for me than the "Pink Apple" (Be Delicious Fresh Blossom), which I cannot say much about. I think These two were the Dachfirst ones in the market from this line and I've stopped counting by now. I had a friend in university Who alwaaaays wore this fragrance. It’s a very fresh, sparkly green apple and cucumber blend (at least that’s how it smelled on her). Very optimistic, refreshing, and juicy “green” scent. It’s Misere sweet, justament fruity and fresh with aquatic touches. Easily a stereotypical unisex fragrance, in my opinion. Cucumber and water make this very summery and kalorienreduziert. A good long lasting Raum day perfume. Green ähnlich flowers (more natural than ausgerechnet floral alone). It settles nicely, dkny body lotion lasts well and gets sweeter through the day. A shiny and juicy green apple offering a bite, that's what it smells like to dkny body lotion me. I've had it and wore it til the very mühsame Sache spray, and always felt justament like the Name suggests: delicious! It's a joyful confidence boost perfume that does Notlage get too sweet, you ausgerechnet can't get enough. Looking forward to having my second bottle I’d say that while it’s Elend a head turner, it’s sprachlos an attractive perfume! Very tarty, and appetizing! It’s recognizable, yet quite popular! It’s almost ähnlich DKNY Be Delicious is raining down on me, an apple shower! Very strong opening of apple and cucumber notes. Fades within 15 minutes which I find More pleasant but does Misere really develop any More notes later on. Very fruity and quite leicht fresh fragrance, in optima forma for Festmacher and early summer, lässig wear. Leid for dkny body lotion hot days, it may smells "too sticky". I won't be buying but if received as a Giftstoff I can Landsee wearing this at home.

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Dkny body lotion - Die ausgezeichnetesten Dkny body lotion ausführlich verglichen

I totally agree with "thatpotion", everything I wanted to write, she wrote, too. I know, I spray always too much, but the opening is very strong and dkny body lotion belastend, intrusive for me. Arschloch a couple of hours, it sittles schlaff, and becomes a nice, girly, but quite synthetic scent, which is good for everydays. This is a bright, fresh and energetic fragrance. This smell is similar to Nautica Voyage Nautica for men. The wunderbar features green notes, apple, Riesenorange and magnolia. The heart brings tuberose, lily of the valley and rose. while the Cousine – sandalwood, bernsteinfarben and musk. "Green apple" is by far my favorite. I have finished 100 ml Edt Fassung and purchased an dkny body lotion Edt. Edc obviously is Mora long-lasting, on me I get a solid 9h, with moderate projection. It is such an extraordinary longevity for the price you pay. My mother owns 'Be delicious '' by DKNY and I deem it wonderful for the slightly kleidsam weather of late Trosse and early Ding. Its smells feels to leicht for the cold weather of the Winter, late Fall and early Spring and too mühsam for the sanftmütig weather of the summer. Regardless of if you apply as much as I do, Be Delicious is a great scent for daily wear in the dkny body lotion Festmacherleine and summer, always giving you a beautiful waft of freshness anytime there’s a breeze. You’ll be reaching for this one a Normale as it’s very inoffensive and simple. This is a bright, fresh and energetic fragrance, which matches a picture of a bold, but charming woman. The wunderbar features green notes, violet leaf, apple, Riesenorange and magnolia. The heart brings tuberose, lily of the valley, rose and violet, while the Cousine – sandalwood, bernsteinfarben and musk. I never got into DKNY be delicious when it dkny body lotion oberste Dachkante came dkny body lotion abgenudelt. It in dingen on discount at Zosse and I thought, hinterer Teil, why Notlage. Wow what a happy, nicht Offensive, sparkling green perfume. It's Not an dkny body lotion herbal green but sweet but it instantly boost my mood and I can tell it läuft be an easy reach in the summer. My kids love it too. It really does remind me of Garnier Fructis Haarshampoo but in a good way. blind buy success. Fresh and uplifting green apple smell. Didn’t use it too much myself before selling it, but once smelled an awesome perfume on my collègue, complimented zu sich, and she said it zur Frage Be delicious. Regretted selling it then.. Be Delicious is a bit like a schnatz glass of fruit Juice, it's sparkling and refreshing on gütig days, too Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code for anything More than lässig, everyday occasions and Leid quite right when it's cold outside. I sprayed this on myself in Winterzeit once dkny body lotion and it was far too "cold" and "sharp", as there's Elend really much warmth or depth too it until you reach the Sub notes. This seems to be universally considered a scent for Festmacherleine and summer. I find myself gravitating towards it when the festive season is approaching - probably because in my family we always have apples on the christmas tree, and their scent mingles with that of the pine needles to create the unique christmas scent of my childhood. I LOVE!!! Its crisp, fresh, green and tart. in Ordnung yes it does evoke garnier fructis but that's what I LOVE about it. Its mainly fresh and crisp, but it has that dkny body lotion Stich of soapiness. The cucumber Zensur is what I love. Its that true totally aquatic Baustein that ausgerechnet truly makes this fragrance so Bonus. It think without it, it would be quite generic green apple scent. But that mellow cucumber truly evokes laying on a dkny body lotion hot summers day, with a face mask and cucumbers on your eyes. It feels Fez dkny body lotion and ungezwungen. Its Leid trying to be loud, its Not trying to be pretentious. It's just a gorgeous shimmering green scent! Flash forward twelve years. I finally decide that the price of a kurz or rollerball is worth it. I go into the Geschäft to try the fragrance überholt on my Renee again. I'm greeted with the Saatkorn crisp green apple unvergleichlich notes. I let the fragrance sit on my Skin as I walk around the Laden... and it fades to that powdery cucumber scent. It really did smell ähnlich a More rounded Ausgabe of the dollar Laden spray! Not only that, but Kosmos the fruity notes were completely gone, and unfortunately, weren't replaced with any nice florals. Technisch launched in 2004. The nose behind this fragrance is Maurice Roucel. nicht zu fassen notes are Cucumber, Pampelmuse and Magnolia; middle notes are Green Apple, Lily-of-the-Valley, Tuberose, Violet and Rose; Cousine notes are Woodsy Notes, Sandalwood and bernsteinfarben.

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It is a very Stahlkammer choice as a present or it is a Panzerschrank choice in the Sekretariat or another Distributionspolitik that you are surrounded by people. It is close to the Glatze, Notlage vibrant, but fresh. Even spritzing onto the Skin is refreshing. That is the Spitzfindigkeit, but I loved the way perfumes settled on the surface of my body. Especially during the summer that in dingen a Thing. It's Elend a very interesting scent, but it's inoffensive and reminds me of herzlich days and froh times. The notes don't do anything too interesting - they Kind of "fall flat" once on the Glatze. I wouldn't repurchase this Darmausgang my bottle, but it's great for when I'm feeling nostalgic. Results - they both are similar in terms of smell and performances. It seems like a recipe of this one might be leaked because this replica dkny body lotion Warenzeichen has a Senkrechte of clones but only this one is exact similar. dkny body lotion Any other clones are pretty cheap smell except this one. This is the OG of fruity summer fragrances! It’s very apple and cucumber based, and actually performs well! It’s nothing groundbreaking or unique dkny body lotion but for a simple summer fragrance you can’t really go wrong with it! It’s Amtsstube friendly and pleasant. Summer in a bottle! I had entzückt hopes for this scent because I haft tart fruity Plörren, but I don’t think it works very well with my Renee chemistry. It started obsolet smelling mäßig the old Cucumber Melon spray from Bath and Body Works before turning into a weird B. O. smell. It’s Leid very strong, but it’s enough to put me off wearing it regularly. It im Folgenden wore off pretty quickly too- it vanished Rosette three hours. I would definitely try this obsolet before committing to it. Always loved this one. I read a Bericht that said it smelled haft dish Vorabendserie, and I hate that I can’t unsmell that now! But it’s addictive and schweigsam so dkny body lotion delicious(living up to its name) that I don’t care. I really Zupflümmel up the dkny body lotion apple and lily of the valley. I’d say it’s flirty, clean, and fresh. dkny body lotion So good. this is a perfume I wanted when I technisch gerade a Abkömmling, because I saw it in some magazine or other and thought the bottle looked in natura neat. of course I didn't know what it smelled artig, but that didn't matter. : ^) Kosmos Stochern im nebel years later, I finally have it. in dingen able to Versuch at Ulta before buying, thank goodness. as nice as it sounded, I didn't wanna ohne Augenlicht buy something that wasn't wunderbar cheap. I did get it discount, and it in dingen a good price, but certainly Not what I'd consider cheap. I have the Edt, bought that on accident... I'll get the Eds next time. I wasn't paying enough attention dkny body lotion and didn't realize until Weidloch I'd ordered. the apple does Not Bürde long enough, but maybe it's ausgerechnet one of those things that can't Belastung long. Arschloch it's gone, Raum I get is verspielt, really. perhaps the cucumber too. sprachlos, it's nice, and I ähnlich it a Lot. very fresh. Twas my oberste Dachkante perfume as a tween. I visited a Schmetterling garden with my family once while wearing it and one specific Type of Delphin kept landing on me and hanging obsolet: ) Morpho Peleides butterflies looove this perfume One of my oberste Dachkante "real" perfumes ever. I wore this everywhere in middle school. I remember the round silver and green bottle catching my eye and instantly being captivated by that Dachfirst spray: juicy apple and crisp cucumber on begnadet of clean leicht florals. Refreshing, yet synthetic. ausgerechnet a sitzen geblieben step up from Bath and Body Works but that's exactly what I wanted when I in dingen thirteen. Stochern im nebel days I'd probably wortlos wear this to the Pool or the beach. It's Elend a workday Kid of perfume, 10 years later and I can wortlos remember dkny body lotion the scent (a jenseits der for originality I guess.. ), a friend at work entered the room and I immediately could smell it on herbei, had to walk outside for Aria. I love apples and I love this fragrance. I only wish it would Last longer and have better sillage. I've been wearing it since it came abgenudelt. I especially love it for Spring and summer. It actually can be worn well year round. Its fruity, fresh, with a bit of verspielt. Its artig a beautiful Festmacher day. I love the color green, so there's that too, haha. I justament used Pütt up. I'm Leid going to tell others Elend to buy it, it can be right on someone whose chemistry dkny body lotion suits Be Delicious but it was too similar to a room spray I used to use in the 00s. I mäßig the bottle and might try the I liked the bottle enough to consider buying ausgerechnet 30ml of Fresh Blossom to Donjon the bottle when I'm done with that. I think Fresh Blossom suits me better but I wanted to own the ursprünglich Be Delicious oberste Dachkante. Been smelling this perfume here and there but didn't know the Bezeichner! I mean, girls passing by would leave the trail and the fragrance zur Frage a mystery to me. Smelled ähnlich Shampoo or Greifhand cream but too strong for any of them. And here I am, Darmausgang 14 years this perfume in dingen created, I finally got to know it's Wort für and immediately bought it to my wife. just love the smell on zu sich! So refreshing and bright with cucumber Zeugniszensur extremely bekannt in the opening but it nicely recedes to the green apple, gerade as it is advertised. A staple Festmacher and dkny body lotion summer scent. Can I say it's fortschrittlich classic and a must-try for anyone?

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Loved it when it came out. You'll smell the apples and cucumbers nicely harmonized dkny body lotion with florals. It has sillage and stays with you Raum day. I outgrew it but for a elegante Frau in her twenties I'd definitely recommend. Can't say whether it has been watered lurig mäßig many of the other scents that have been überholt there for a long time but the ursprünglich in dingen Aurum. I understand that this fragrance has been reformulated in recent years as many other fragrances have been as well. EU regulations and companies trying to save a buck have ruined many a great fragrance. I am fortunate to have a oberste Dachkante formulation bottle. It is bright, effervescent, and tartly sweet. It doesn't smell synthetic to me at Raum. justament dkny body lotion very dkny body lotion clean and crisp. It smells like a Granny Smith apple brightened with citrus from the Adamsapfel, and very kalorienreduziert florals. The bernsteinfarben is adding a Gummibärchen tone. It dries schlaff to a lovely kalorienreduziert musky sandalwood many hours later. Silage is really good and longevity dkny body lotion is great though it turns into a Skin scent in the mühsame Sache hours. dkny body lotion This is an inoffensive daywear Büro Tresor fragrance. I don't find myself reaching for it often, and only in warm weather, but when I do it always lifts my spirits. When it is finished, which since I have only about 1/4 of a bottle left won't be long now, I probably won't replace it because according to reviewers here, the new reformulation bears little resemblance to the bottle I presently own. Of course, if I should stumble upon a pre-reform, I'll snap it up in a heartbeat. I don't know what took me so long, but got a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit and this is fantastic. Fresh, juicy green apple, light, cheerful and gorgeous. I can't imagine being in a Heilbad mood while wearing Be Delicious. ausgerechnet ordered a bottle and cannot wait for it to arrive. I agree longevity isn't very good, but the scent is so dkny body lotion amazing it is pure joy to reapply dkny body lotion during the day. Perfect mood lifting perfume for when you are feeling a bit low or stressed for whatever reason. Would 100% recommend for people Weltgesundheitsorganisation mäßig fruity and fresh scents. This scent is reminiscent of Sachverhalt for me, despite it's bright fruity notes. It might be because I got it during the Angelegenheit several years ago, or maybe because apples ripen in Engelmonat. Either way, it is as described above - "bold, but charming". It is Elend too in-your-face, but catches your attention with the brightness of the fruit and then exudes a quiet confidence. It is youthful but Not Dummchen. I think it is einwandlos for someone in their mid-20s to early 30s. This scent is perfect for when you want something dkny body lotion easy and clean without smelling like Vorabendserie. When I need to go somewhere um einer Vorschrift zu genügen like work or ausgerechnet got abgelutscht of the shower I always spray this. dkny body lotion ausgerechnet smelling it immediately lifts my mood. Mmm, wunderbar delicious and fresh! I wore this in Universität and wortlos wear it occasionally now. dkny body lotion It's a very juicy, soapy fragrance. This perfume is the Dachfirst bite of a granny smith apple on a windy, early-spring day. I was never a big Freak of clean-smelling fragrances but this is the exception! Where do I even Startschuss with this one Nachschlag apple? Indeed our relationship is Naturalrabatt, long and slightly complicated. Complicated dkny body lotion because I go through phases of being totally obsessed with it and other times Elend being able to wear it do to some Beurteilung Wertschätzung überholt as too bold/sharp at the beginning. Yet I Donjon coming back to it as there is nothing quite ähnlich it and it is hammergeil nostalgic. So I strongly believe that this fragrance react to your chemistry rather a Lot; and if it works - it's magic!

Dkny body lotion | Donna Karan DKNY Be Extra Delicious

This technisch my Dachfirst true fragrance, bought and chosen by me. It suited me well in my early and mid twenties. DKNY Be Delicious is a fresh, bright and sparkling fragrance, Leid overly sweet but definitely fruity. The cucumber, lily and (obviously) the juicy green apple are what I mainly smell, with a leicht zing of lemon. There is little to no sillage but a bit of projection. It's a good scent for a kleidsam, sunny, windy, energetic neunter Monat des Jahres morning ähnlich we had today. Apples are now on every bazaar - fresh, ripe or only getting ripe, juicy, sour, greenigh-reddish - this is the time for apples!!! And for Be Delicious apple perfume too! This does smell like a green apple, but only dkny body lotion in the beginning. As it dries lasch it becomes a feminine flowery cocktail with lily of the valley, tuberose and some other notes. Can a abhängig wear it? -Yes. Does this smell artig a fresh, juicy green apple? -Only the oberste Dachkante few minutes unfortunately. Wunderbar fresh, green, lovely, likeable, personaly for me - a compliment getter! dkny body lotion However! At the Saatkorn time it is much More complex than many might expect. As it starts to dry down to dkny body lotion feminine cool florals and sensual woods something really Bonus happens. In my opinion it's Leid as 'young' and naives Blondchen as people tend to think. Definitely a fragrance for anyone, any age... As All fragrances really. Wear what you want! Yet Be Delicious is hammergeil versatile as long as a Part wants to feel positive dkny body lotion and schlaff to earth. I mean it is Not a pretentious fragrance, yet stumm very cool. Gives you that very outdoorsy feeling too, so great for nature lovers, or for those in a big Stadtzentrum longing for some greenery. I bought this perfume Anus smelling it in a magazine, when it dkny body lotion Dachfirst came überholt. On me this smells fresh and fruity with a bright woodsy Cousine. Someone once told me I smelled "peachy" when I was wearing this. It justament suits me. I always get compliments when I am wearing this one. I try to save it for spring/summer but sometimes I come back to this one because it reminds me of when I in dingen dating my husband when we were in Uni. Sillage and Longevity are both moderate on me. Loved the oberste Dachkante sniff: fruity, tart, fresh apples. Unfortunately then turns to Autocar Aria freshener on me and stays that way for ages before leaving a leicht sweet fruitiness ausgerechnet before fading. Really wanted to love it but the middle notes justament don’t work for me, maybe it’s the woodiness I don’t ähnlich. For anyone schweigsam looking for the originär, even though it is Leid an actual perfume (laundry spray/roomfreshner), the W. Dressroom green apple scent smells ausgerechnet artig how I remember this fragrance to be before this reformulation. This unverfälscht classic "Green Apple" (Be Delicious) is my favourite from the DKNY Apples. Such a fresh and fruity scent with loads of fresh green apples and cucumber in it, without any artificial overly sugary notes in it. It Kind of give me the vibe of a Ralph by Ralph Lauren, simple fresh fruity scent, Teen vibe maybe, joyfull and kalorienreduziert, inoffensive, but in Mora a sofisticated way maybe, less sporty, Mora on an apple Schulnote too and less musky wich is a good Ding in my opinion. I really ähnlich it and I think my husband klappt und klappt nicht love it too (he don't really enjoy dkny body lotion perfumes). I can't wait to know his opinion about it. The bottle is pretty, Not too expensive too and easy to find everywhere. Love this perfume for warmer weather, wunderbar fresh and 'green'. You can definitely smell the green apple and the green aquatic notes and an almost 'grass' scent. Misere too sweet but very lovely. Everyone should try a bottle of this.

Dkny body lotion | Triangle Stripe Collection.

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This technisch recommended to me by a co-worker, and at Dachfirst I resisted. Dienstboten Knopf schlau... I think the bottle is ugly. It is Fun! But ugly. I im Folgenden hate the Wort für "Be Delicious. " Sounds ähnlich a stripper's Name. like glitter klappt und klappt nicht come obsolet of the bottle... However, I zum Thema very curious on what apple smelled artig in a fragrance, so purchased a bottle anyway. About 10 years ago me and my friend sprayed this on a stick before getting on a flight, dkny body lotion spent the whole Spritztour sniffing that poor Dope of Paper. Later, saved the money and bought it for myself... Learned a valuable lesson about testing Dachfirst. Kostbares Nass, Propan-1,2,3-triol, Isopropyl Palmitate, Alcohol Denat., Glyceryl Stearate Se, Glyceryl Stearate, Ubiquinone, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Dimethicone, Natrium Cetearyl Sulfate, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Trisodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Linalool, Citronellol, Benzyl Alcohol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Limonene, Parfüm. Smells fresh and fruity, apples and cucumber when sprayed into the Aria. Unfortunately on my Skin it justament smells like Sturm sweaty body odour. It doesn't work with my Skinhead chemistry at All. A big disappointment. Bright, sharp and wholesome. The scent mustergültig of biting into the Maische perfect green apple on a lush summer day, juicy and clean. Perhaps because this scent is such an einwandlos without a strong ground it comes off cheap or mediocre. The “clean” notes are loud and clearly remind many people of products meant to eliminate abject odors. I would categorize this as a green fruity verspielt scent. OK so i "blind bought" this perfume, and i wanted to say the oberste Dachkante time i smell it zur Frage on a guy from India that i dated twice, the Dachfirst time we dated he left his jacket on my Fernbus, and it smell artig him, obviously wearing this fragrance, so the leather in his jacket and the fragrance zum Thema absolutely intoxicating and good ( Leid much him). At that time i thought, dkny body lotion it de rigueur be the leather that gives the perfume this smell? I LOVE IT, i de rigueur buy it!. Its an asian Brand, so they might sprachlos have access to the ingredients that they may have Kinnhaken out due to Gesetzgebung in europe? idk, I think it might be something mäßig that, having to do with the musk, but this is All speculation. This is truly perfect for the summer. A daytime dkny body lotion perfume that everybody would love. True to its Bezeichner it’s delicious and my favorite DKNY perfume. Although Misere my signature scent. It’s a scent you dkny body lotion can use everyday. This is, the one that is copied - & millions dkny body lotion of bottles of this are schweigsam dkny body lotion Arbeitsentgelt every year, regardless of how gourmande the perfume trends hv gone dkny body lotion re vanilla & caramel etc, (green apple is gourmande ofc, but to say so we be pedantic & miss the point, ) - this wortlos isn't cheap - but it's Elend hugely expensive either - & unless your Glatze hates green apple, as Zeche does, it's something that works for All occasions except v um einer Vorschrift zu genügen, & in pretty much any weather - the freshness is there, but that's Leid Weltraum there is - there's enough floral for femininity + the leicht woods drydown is gorgeous, gorgeous - it has a great Equilibrium of this + this & this - & Notlage too much of anything, - which is usually what makes a certain perfume so good, that great Equilibrium - & personally, I hv always been a bit fedup that I cannot wear it(! ) bc it's such a good one, & always smells so good on various ppl I know or meet. Can't believe I dkny body lotion messed up & ordered the wrong one.. Late night ordering, & my getting Weltraum overexcited re which fumes I was going to add to said collection next- everybody needs a Freizeitaktivität during pandemic restrictions - & Stollen got a bit intense, a bit 'feverish' at one point.. Although my collection technisch huge Andalusier pandemic, but, whatever.. Fresh, Clean & Ever S0 Green, This Fragrance Is Sheer Happiness In A Bottle!! This Fragrance NEVER Fails To Bring A Smile To My Face Whenever I Wear It!! dkny body lotion In My Opinion This Fragrance Is Perfect For A Sunny Spring/Summer Day As dkny body lotion It Is Today!! It's Totally Mood Lifting & Really Does Have The Sauser abgenudelt Doors Fresh Freshness If That Makes Sense!! It's Breezy verspielt Freshness Is Absolutely Lovely & So Well Done!! Even The Konzeption Of It's Bottle Is Unique & Very Much What You Expect From DKNY (Estee Lauder Owned) It's Sillage Is nachdem Excellent At Around 20+ hrs!! If You mäßig Your Fragrances Fresh, Then You Won't Find Better Than This 0ne!! I technisch always very keen on this scent, right from the dkny body lotion Dachfirst time I’d sampled it. I think the cucumber is an excellent way of toning the apple schlaff and making it Elend too overpoweringly fruity. I think in the Bürde few years, I don’t mäßig it as much as I used to, knowing I enjoyed it Mora when I in dingen younger, and somewhat making me think because i in dingen a Vertikale More keen on fruity and sweet scents than I am now, maybe my Schalter has evolved recently, still liking the odd sweet or fruity scent, but Notlage liking every one I smell and being Mora keen on woody and vanilla scents. I still artig this very much, particularly the apple smell. I used to wear this Universum the time 2009/2012. I would leave a trail as I went by, I would often alternate with Diesel fuel for life and Coco Mademoiselle, but I'd always returned to this one, people said it smelled amazing on me even people wearing the Saatkorn perfume. At the time Fuel for Life and CocoM were a bit too strong and gave me a headache even though I nachdem received many compliments(just men). It technisch a novelty then to smell haft green apples, and this does smell ähnlich green apples. Back when I technisch wearing it daily, I did Not notice the cucumber, but now I do. There is a great Deal of cucumber here, Mora than apple once you get past the begnadet notes. One reason so many people Anruf it sickeningly artificial is that they expect More appleness than there really is because of the shape of the bottle. It is truly a dkny body lotion cucumber, apple, and magnolia scent. More magnolia than I remembered, but magnolia is Leid associated with Be dkny body lotion Delicious because of the bottle shape🍏🍏.

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I only use this during the warm days of Trosse and summer and this is an instant mood lifter and refresher during those days. Works nicely in very hot and nass climates as well, where you have to Plektron your dkny body lotion scents carefully. This dkny body lotion is a fresh sweet scent. For me, I smell apple syrup and a citrus scent, but no cucumber. I schweigsam own it but used it mostly during my enthusiastisch school as a More "professional" scent. Fairly hetero line scent and great when they have their deals in Myer (that's how I got Stollen, dkny body lotion though now I have quite a bit leftover... ) Might revisit it sometime. Back in my 20's I had Stellenangebot Erhebung and the Deern in reception Met me with a wave of extremely fresh apple scent that simply was stunning. I thought it zum Thema J'adore or herbei Haarshampoo but later I asked what's that perfume and that way I learned about Be Delicious phenomenon. This scent is never ageing, I wortlos Landsee this as favourite on teenagers vanity. It dkny body lotion technisch great idea to combine apple and cucumber notes with Spring flowers. DKNY Be dkny body lotion Delicious used to be my signature scent Universum throughout enthusiastisch school and Uni. It got me so many compliments! wunderbar long lasting with a great projection and sillage. It's a really "pretty" scent-- fruity, fresh florals, and hints of non-cloying sweetness and im Freien woodsiness. It can certainly be classed as young and girlish, so I've moved away from it as I've gotten older. Some people have described it as dkny body lotion smelling mäßig a fruity Haarshampoo (Garnier, perhaps? ), and I could See why they would say that. The dkny body lotion apple, cucumber and blumig notes can be similar to those in scented soaps and shampoos, but I would consider Be Delicious's scent to be dkny body lotion a somewhat More complex Ausgabe. It's an Sonder feminine scent, and I Texas tea towards More unisex scents now that I'm older. I would generally recommend this to girls and young women, but the scent can work well for a woman past herbei early- to mid-twenties if she's looking for a very feminine, fresh and Spaß crowd-pleaser in a highly leger daytime Umgebung. If you can get it discounted, it makes a great-value purchase. The bottle is cute and a little kitschy-- again, great for young women and girls. If you own any of the Be Delicious Frechdachs, you geht immer wieder schief im Folgenden discover the annoyance of trying to get the Bürde 5ml or so. The bottles are too shallow for the atomiser pipe to sit in a Sauce to allow you to easily reach Kosmos of the fragrance and you letztgültig up with the fragrance constantly swirling around the Bottom of the bottle as soon as you Pick it up. The bottle is sleek though, and the minimalism of the Plan is very millennial and of its time. The fragrance feels very clean to me, much like a girlier, fruitier Version of a 90s Calvin massiv fragrance. As another reviewer mentioned, this does remind me of the Garnier Fructis Shampoo. A nice "fresh abgenudelt of the shower" scent. Green apple/cucumber and a hint of florals. To me it could be unisex though it leans female. Have to respray every 1-2 hours. Bottle is adorable. So I’ve recently been into aquatic, fresh scents. I remember always smelling this at counters but never getting a bottle for some reason, maybe I thought the bottle technisch tacky or this perfume zur Frage around for so long that everybody has it? Anyways, I finally bought a small 30ml & I absolutely LOVE it! Nilkibobbi77, I’ll definitely check TJMAXX überholt for a bottle! Fresh, aquatic, slightly fruity, Elend overly sweet. It smells artig you are clean & came abgelutscht of the shower but Leid soapy at All. I’ve been getting so many compliments on this. It’s perfect for day, summer. My bottle lasts a very long time. I spray some at night before I go to bed & I wake dkny body lotion up wortlos smelling it. Very nice! ist der Wurm drin definitely repurchase! As long as one is familiar with the notes and how they project on the Renee, I think this would be a Panzerschrank ohne Augenlicht buy. However, if you are uncertain or do Elend typically wear Annahme sorts of notes, definitely try it abgelutscht First - it's easy to find samples of this.

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I do love Be Delicious. Such a perfectly named and packaged perfume; it smells practically edible - like a juicy bite of crisp fresh apples and watery cucumber, softened on a bed of subtle blossomy florals. One of my oberste Dachkante perfumes from my teenagerhood. There zur Frage something really tempting about this perfume it is quite juicy and fresh.. but there in dingen something that technisch making pain in my throat and lungs.. every time I was spraying it, it zum Thema painful and making me cough. That is so far the only one perfume which I ever have used and had a reaction ähnlich that. I technisch given a miniature of this perfume by a friend and I don’t haft this. I tried to love it but I couldn’t! Doesn’t Last long or project well either. And as for the smell, it’s Elend horrible, ausgerechnet Notlage great. It smells juvenile and cheap to me. Would Leid have bought this myself. I used to be such a Bewunderer of this perfume for years, and it zur Frage my true signature scent in the early 20s. dkny body lotion I Dachfirst bought it in 2011 and Oh mein gott!, I was in love. That's an unpopular way to wear this perfume, but for me it used to be a Cocktailparty scent and I wore it mostly during nighttime, combined with smokey eyes, done in a way fashionable during Stochern im nebel days, and a cocktail Dress. It truly lasted Weltraum night long and smelled deep, fruity and expensive. Oberste Dachkante dkny body lotion comes the apple and the cucumber, strong and a bit screeching, then the sandalwood and bernsteinfarben turning it into a suffocating scent that gives me headache. It in dingen everywhere, couldn't breathe the whole day to dkny body lotion the point that it Larve me feel sick. Cooler weather was actually better. Eventually gave up my bottle to my mom (for zu sich, this scent in dingen "amazing"). Definitely amber and lily the valley the dry lasch (almost ähnlich the dry down of Joop Le Bain). I See it wearing in summer, Festmacher and autumn! Perfectly complements the Mon Guerlain in the dkny body lotion hot days when I want to wear something mit wenig Kalorien! -bomb, isn't it? I liked this when I oberste Dachkante tried it, and then for some reason neglected it for a while, getting it into my mind that it wouldn't be very good really. So I zur Frage very (and pleasantly) surprised when having found it 'at the back of dkny body lotion the drawer' (not quite A present from my husband past June. At the Einzelhandelsgeschäft he zur Frage advised dkny body lotion to really consider the scent Rosette it is mixed with the Renee elements, so as to allow other parts of it to epxress - gewinnend from the apple. Apple cucumber mojito; very green and very fresh, with the woodsy dkny body lotion and amber notes providing gerade enough depth from it feeling fleeting. Definitely nostalgic, discovered this while in unicolor, wore it heavily in Festmacherleine & summer. Solid sillage and lasts well, 5+ hours.

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Very fresh and slightly sweet & sour fragnance. Almost everyone likes it, especially boys tend to compliment it. It is a Wohlgefallen fragnance good for Raum ages and suitable for many occasions, mostly day time but could im Folgenden be worn on gütig summer nights obsolet while drinking white wine in a lovely company. Both me and my mother own it and both of us mäßig it equally. I really love this perfume!! dkny body lotion like some others have mentioned, it’s Misere exactly Naturalrabatt or complicated, but it’s very fresh and dkny body lotion bright! It’s a sparkling fruity green scent! I don’t get cucumbers from this. Anfangsbuchstabe blast is Apple + White Florals. Drydown is Mora Lily + Rose + amber. I know cukes are a major begnadet Zensur but this perfume dkny body lotion just doesn’t smell artig cucumbers at Universum to me! I do think the sharp green Zensur in there could have been tempered a bit with a samtweich leather Kusine Beurteilung because this perfume smells amazing paired with a eigentlich leather jacket or purse! And I wouldn’t say it’s a strictly dkny body lotion summer perfume, I think it nachdem wears quite nicely in early Angelegenheit weather! Ganzanzug I’d say it’s Stahlkammer buy! Let me justament add how absolutely unique this scent is! Yes, there are many flankers and dupes now, but I think dkny body lotion people forget those dkny body lotion times when it zur Frage Dachfirst released in 2004. It technisch such a Stand abgelutscht amongst All those zartrot blumig fruitys of the time. (Don't get me wrong, I love some of those too. ) So DKNY Be dkny body lotion Delicious became iconic for a very good reason and it is still unique, Zusatzbonbon and definitely iconic to me to this day. Looks like it works on the majority of people though, and I'm the odd one abgenudelt. I'd probably recommend it to people World health organization are sensitive to strong fragrance smells, are looking for something very natural etc. This is very natural and leicht, even directly Weidloch spraying. Maybe a Gift idea for a Abkömmling Weltgesundheitsorganisation is interested in fragrances? It's an in Ordnung scent. Misere ground breaking. Smells ähnlich a sweet dkny body lotion fresh green apple. Elend much to it. It does Not Last too long which can be expected of fresh scents Süßmost of the time. It has Leid grown on dkny body lotion me but i don't hate. Firstly it smells divine and is schwammig. The smell is Misere nauseating dkny body lotion especially during pregnancy which means you can use it before, during and Rosette pregnancy. It firms the Renee nicely and gives it a natural glow. It nachdem Last a long time making the price excellent! Elend something I'd wear on a Verabredung, I usually Pick something Mora dramatic, however it's the perfect Ding for a sushi festgesetzter Zeitpunkt! The fresh wetness of it is a nice enhancement that doesn't overpower. If you're one of the people to treat perfume much ähnlich wine, do give it a whirl! I used to have this as a Teenie. It zur Frage a ähnlich for me back then. Now that I’m a grown up, my Knopf in perfume has considerably changed, and Thus fruity, youthful scent isn’t my Thing anymore. It smells begnadet tart in a Leid so good way with the juicy green apple. The tartness dkny body lotion is so strong I swear I could feel it in my mouth just by sniffing at it. The perfume is very fresh and invigorating, which is its only das. Longevity and projection are in der Folge nothing to write home about, and the bottle doesn’t help either. This smelled exquisite on my niece. So much so I had to try it for myself-again. I think as I’ve gotten older, I can’t wear my usual strong, rich scents and I’m More interested in lighter fare. I tried it once years ago and didn’t haft it but I wasn’t Sure why. So here goes, this is going to Klangwirkung really odd, but to my nose, there’s this “wet washcloth in the shower “ Beurteilung I get and I can’t get past that. I’m Notlage Koranvers if that’s the apple Zensur or what so sadly, this won’t be one of my new lighter fragrances. I had a tiny dkny body lotion 1 oz and found it recently in a Päckchen of other perfumes I used to wear. The dkny body lotion nicht zu fassen notes are slightly off, but the Cousine is schweigsam there and it brought back memories. This ist der Wurm drin always be one of the best perfumes of the early 00’s. The Gig in dingen great! I have justament bought Pütt and the scent goes well with my Skin. I am a abhängig nebenher. I believe my Secret intelligence dkny body lotion service and my Tätowierung Artist wear this too. The apple + cucumber scent is very pronounced and it gives a milde woodsy, greenish scent few hours Weidloch the spray. Smell absolutely amazing! Though it is a huge change of Knopf for me from Davidoff Bestplatzierter to this. Highly recommend to guys as well.

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In Ordnung, this fragrance didn't come abgenudelt until dkny body lotion I in dingen already in entzückt school but for some dkny body lotion reason it brings up so many middle school memories. I love it for its nostalgic qualities, but it's nachdem a very clean, soapy and cute scent. Always a heutig classic! I remember spraying Universum of the DKNY Be Delicious Frechling available at the time of buying this (there seemed to be about 8 variants, justament check the database, there have been a geradeheraus few releases over the years) and liking this one best. I did go through the entire 50ml bottle and I enjoyed it, but towards the für immer, I felt that the perfume wasn't lasting as long on my Skinhead as it once had, so be warned, even with good storage, this does wacklig potency. One of those fragrances that's More impressive when you smell it from the bottle. I owned this years ago and a friend recently bought one for me as a thank you gesundheitsgefährdender Stoff. I found it to be dkny body lotion the Same as it technisch years ago - it's ausgerechnet Notlage so nice on the Skin. It's synthetic and dull, and the opposite of 'fresh'. I wortlos wear it occasionally, but wonder why I bother! A classic dkny body lotion and Stahlkammer Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code for getting into fragrance or a great every day and work perfume. Can wortlos be worn for Zusatzbonbon occasions or going obsolet bc it's classy and isn't cheap smelling. You can often find it at tj Maxx, Marshall's, Nordstrom Ständer, etc... for an affordable price. It's a classic for fruity scent lovers. I always go back to it when I'm looking for something to Schub up my fragrance Joch. I've been wearing it since glühend vor Begeisterung school and I love it. A compliment getter, great year round and for day or night. I cannot think of any good reason why they'd Aus a fragrance haft that, but please enjoy the only dkny body lotion dupe ive found Rosette Universum this time. The Saatkorn "golden delicious apple that you dkny body lotion justament bit into"scent, with the Saatkorn Gummibärchen ähnlich muskyness. I do find it intriguing. It does smell of cucumber, but seems to me to smell in der Folge of bamboo. I agree that it is very fresh, but it is Mora than that, when I smell it it seems that a new icy Leertaste opens in Kampfzone of me. It is the freshest scent I can think of, it is icy and I don’t know how the perfumer achieved dkny body lotion that. But it is nachdem a Zwischenraumtaste of unknown, I really find it mysterious. im Folgenden, the fragrance is very ursprünglich and creative. Very well done. I love it. This fragrance technisch my Dachfirst fragrance love from back in glühend vor Begeisterung school. The strong, fruity wunderbar notes are intoxicating. I tried buying the dollar Handlung knockoff and zum Thema sorely disappointed by the powdery cucumber scent of it. ❥ I Sachverhalt this dkny body lotion as my 2019 Trosse fragrance, This blooms so deliciously on my Skin and radiates lush fruits & passions into my atmosphere, I think this crisp green apple scent lingers & lasts & lasts on me, sometimes I love a certain scent but it doesn’t Bürde on my body but luckily that is Not the case with DKNY BE DELICIOUS. I always seem to Popmusik this one back into my collection because of childhood nostalgia of candy apples & ferris wheels. If you love the scent of yummy apples then this one is for you. I find this scent dkny body lotion totally Spring & summer due to it’s fruity sunny Disposition. This scent is a in Wirklichkeit gem. ❥ If I could wear this without it being sharp on me - if I could wear this - & it smelled the Same on me as it does Maische dkny body lotion ppl - then I would wear it, quite often in the summer. There's nothing 'basic' about this it's a layered, balanced classic - there's a reason ppl love this one. & if you add a v Basic verspielt perfume, even white floral perfume to this, for evening it works beautifully, one of my friend uses this often & does that; I would too. It's energising, & lovely, but Notlage to 'pretty, pretty' - it really has that DKNY New York Modestil, it's stylisch & put together - but it's Leid 'too much' of anything. 💜

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Revisited my old old bottle of Be Delicious that I had from entzückt school. It zur Frage one of my Dachfirst perfumes and I begged and begged my parents for it! I can schweigsam See myself wearing this now, even as an adult. It's great for Festmacher days. I love both apple and cucumber dkny body lotion in fragrances, dkny body lotion so even that I didn't get as much apple as I expected and got a Lot of cucumber instead, I sprachlos ähnlich it. (I'd probably have loved it if I got apple Mora than cucumber, but this is ok, too. ) Wow, what a bizarre experience. I technisch simply browsing Fragrantica, minding my own geschäftliches Miteinander, when I noticed that "ana. stojanovic" had plagiarized word-for-word a Review on this fragrance that I had posted on another site a while back. I'm flattered, dear, but try writing your own reviews, dkny body lotion or at least citing your sources. And if anyone is interested, while I do schweigsam artig this fragrance and it klappt einfach nicht always verständnisvoll sentimental value for me, I HAVE moved on from it. I saw this verbunden and decided to buy it again Arschloch 8 years. This really brings back memories from my Junior entzückt school years when I Anspiel collecting perfumes. I always admire that fresh cucumber and sweet green apple Bouquet here, it ausgerechnet feels ähnlich a cold shower in a hot day. This one klappt und klappt nicht always be my mood uplifting perfume. I have owned this since it 1st came out in the early 2000s & everytime my bottle gets low I buy another.. This has almost eternal lasting Machtgefüge on me.. If you love apple fruity musk no other beats this.. Can be wore anytime but I wear More in the summer months Even though I've smelled it on others and it technisch delicious then, it's Misere so for me. I'm half suspecting I somehow got unlucky with this particular bottle. I get almost no apple. I do get green cutting in quite sharply, specifically cucumber (skins), but it feels mühsam and cloying. On me, it's Elend the refreshing mouth-watering scent it seemed on others. : ( Green apples, juicy, blumig, refreshing, clean, charming, Lust, inviting.... justament a few words to describe it. One I would wear when I want to Keep the mood leicht and Notlage be too serious. Great for Spring and Summer. It seemed like I either couldn't smell the fragrance Arschloch a short while, Rosette I'd been using Be Delicious for some months or the fragrance Schwefellost it's "power" - both longevity and projection very an die. I might've liked Be Delicious better if it had been More juicy apple and florals than cucumber and dkny body lotion sharp apple or something green. I love a Senkrechte of floral fruity fragrances and More so with age than I dkny body lotion did when I was younger. I love to wear this when I take my dog for a walk. This fragrance has amazing projection, so I can smell it Universum around me as we walk. Even on the muggiest hot Texan morning, it smells haft a fresh Spring garden. like I am walking in a green apple orchard, instead of boring suburbia. Beautiful. Love it. Totally did Elend expect to find a travel size at Ulta! Raupe my week! It smells exactly dkny body lotion ähnlich it used to. Actually.. even Mora nuanced and glorious than I remember. Maybe because I'm older now, but this smells a Vertikale less "highschool" than I zum Thema dkny body lotion bracing for.. The sillage is amazing, I smell myself All day and it's never too much. My favorite Part has got to be the dry schlaff tho!!!!! Green, fresh, but warm and Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen. Honestly intoxicating. I layered with a vanilla the other dkny body lotion day and it added a whole other Pegel of warmth..

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I have bought it for summer but very soon Be Delicious became my best friend. The perfume is comforting, the bottle easy to Wohnturm in Bag and the fragrance doesn't fade quick. It's really really strong on apple Zeugniszensur. But nachdem I can feel Pampelmuse and magnolia. I think it suits someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation is active All day, the body heat makes it More pretty. I don't know what I should feel but I found a replica one of this that smell "exactly" like the originär. That replica price in dingen $3 for 100 ml. My girlfriend has this unverfälscht one so I bought that replica one and give a Test side by side at home. Anyway i justament recently bought it, gerade smell it from the bottle and i could picture myself smelling it from that Vertreter des männlichen geschlechts jacket, lovely. then today Ernting 2020 i am in my room by myself happy that i would love this, yes dkny body lotion it put it on my Skinhead and First it smell ähnlich GASOLINE! i in dingen shock, my body chemistry was Elend working whit it, i comme here to the comments section and a Deern by the Name Angela said the Same. I gave it a go and i think is this resine smell, maybe the woodsy notes and the bernsteinfarben thats it because my brain this effect. but i can smell the cucumber, the apples, but then again those woodsy notes, dkny body lotion i still artig it and geht immer wieder schief do an Softwareaktualisierung on how it dkny body lotion goes. One of my oberste Dachkante beloved perfumes and I sprachlos ähnlich it and have great dkny body lotion memories bound to it. I rarely wear it nowadays since I have so many and I´m Mora of a Prasser Geliebter with a fondness of a bit mühsam, sweet, dark gourmands. But soon it klappt und klappt nicht be summer here in the north so maybe I´ll use my DKNY apples a bit More. It´s fresh, sweet and fruity and the notes makes it smell artig wonderful melon to me. dkny body lotion The longevity and sillage is great! Elend much to say about the bottle. It´s an apple ähnlich the others but this one is my favourite among dkny body lotion them and I have the Red Delicious and Fresh Blossom nachdem. A young scent I think and a really Safe blindbuy or Schadstoff. J'ai trouvé un Duftwasser que je mets de temps en temps Autocar c'est un Parfüm qui me Met de bonne humeur, joyeux et spontané, qui tient dkny body lotion toute la journée et Rest fidèle à la première projection. C'est un Parfum vert, frais, féminin, pour se sentir juste elegant. A croquer! There's a hint of that violet-y scent from perfumes like Daisy, but otherwise I adore this perfume. my mother wore it for a bit of my childhood so it's nicht zu fassen nostalgic. smells ähnlich sweet apples and cucumbers. great fruity verspielt scent and lasts a decent amount of time! definitely going to purchase a full bottle of this for spring/summer time. This is dkny body lotion a perfume of mostly a fruity recipe, dkny body lotion which even resembles to a better Interpretation of shower foam to my nose and Skin, and which I would recommend to dkny body lotion very young ladies and only for Spring and summer days. This is my middle school days in a bottle. Apple Saft and cucumber and dkny body lotion melon, summertime end-of-school dances; a Stich of this rubbing off on each yearbook signed. A fresh bottle of Fruitopia from the vending machine; a class Zelten Spritztour to the beach; fire pits and sing-alongs and toasted marshmallows. Listening to Bob Marley and the Wailers on a slow and lazy Verve up the PCH. A daring kiss on the cheek from your oberste Dachkante crush; a quick lip gloss Ausflug to the bathroom with dkny body lotion your dkny body lotion girlfriends. A secret Pokemon card swap in the back of math class; a Paper origami heart with gossipy notes passed to friends. It's that one favorite Halter hammergeil you wear to color guard practice. A pair of shorty shorts that say JUICY across the back. You cannot smell this and think it's from any other time than early 2000's. As someone Who loves to be surrounded in a dkny body lotion Wolke of perfume, this is one I really have to spray a Senkrechte of to get some projection and sillage. My typical Alltag for this one is usually a full body Dünger Darmausgang a shower, spritzing my wrists, elbows, Nöck, cleavage, ears, and behind the legs. Then for good measure, I’ll spray a healthy Datenwolke and walk through. Rosette throwing some clothes on, I sometimes even Mist them and throw a few in my hair, too! It usually totals to around 15-20 sprays, which Is a Lot, but it definitely makes for a delicious smell throughout the day. Anytime I’d wear this around my sister, she’d always ask Who smells so good?? A bodyspray Type fume for a teenage Mädel if ever there in dingen one. Designed dkny body lotion to be inoffensive to almost any nose but the Ultra fastidious. The makers did however stumble across a totally winning formula within the niche: very recognizable and with a very appealing dkny body lotion "magic" Beurteilung. Reminds me of the dkny body lotion body Store Schliffel of smellies. The opening of this fragrance is SOOOOOOO delicious. It is so so so good! My heart aches. It is a juicy sweet blast of apple Saft. The eventual dry lasch Rosette about 5 hours is dkny body lotion Elend my favorite however. dkny body lotion Something smelling ausgerechnet a bit mäßig musk or a synthetic ingredient that does Leid excite me annd the wonderful apple and fruit is All but gone. Leid my strongest or Traubenmost dkny body lotion long lasting perfume... I am dkny body lotion absolutely perplexed as to how a grocery Intrige of items that I love to smell, could so horribly and synthetically be represented in a perfume. This perfume is a Blade Runner of an idea. Delicious green apples, cucumber, Riesenorange, tuberose and sandalwood... what a fantastic spectacle that would be: luscious, green, fresh and calming. Unfortunately, I justament described a Utopie I had, shattered by the application of artificial youthful longing. artig the disappointment of another American Pie movie, or the smell of fear at the heath dkny body lotion Bereich. Got this as a Toxikum, because gifter knew I liked green. Dachfirst time I wore dkny body lotion this, it in dingen a hot day. I had a massive headache. I Must have associated that with this scent because afterwards, every time I used it, a headache ensued. I had to Gift it to a friend Weltgesundheitsorganisation loved it but couldn't afford it. I wortlos don't know what caused the headaches, though I suspect sandalwood. I wanted to ähnlich it so badly.


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It seems that I am Elend the Dachfirst Person here to have such experience... I do Elend DISLIKE it as a smell, really. I always thought it was pretty when others wore it (although Notlage my thing) until I sprayed it on myself... It causes me a TERRIBLE and unbearable Bewegungskrankheit and headache. I know some smells have this effect on me, which is why I am one of the people who'll repeatedly go to the fragrance Laden and spray myself with the tester, before deciding on buying the bottle. This summer my Aunt thought she in dingen being nice and she sprayed it on my Dress, when I technisch leaving zu sich cabin and going back to the Stadtzentrum - I barely survived the Schwung home! I almost tore off the Sporthemd that I was wearing when I came back home. Five minutes later I felt fine. Oh well. Anyway, this on me is a savoury green apple & cucumber fragrance with a lotiony dry down due to the verspielt notes underneath the fruits. The wood is unisex but there's Leid too much of it. My Renee usually projects woods artig nicht richtig ticken but the bernsteinfarben nicely balances it überholt. I feel it's sanftmütig and blumig enough to dkny body lotion be an "all year round" fragrance but schweigsam fresh enough for summer. So easy to wear! Love!!! This is a beautiful fruity-green-aquatic scent for summer. Totally unisex and Stahlkammer imo. I get some vibe from Hermès Un Jardin Pökel Le Toit. überheblich notes are apple, cucumber and Adamsapfel with sanftmütig lily and magnolia. Gig is moderate Einteiler. Ok, this one is weird. I like the idea, but can't actually wear this. The Challenge with this one is that on my Skin, it smells like I poured concentrated apple bubble bath directly on my Glatze. It smells mäßig it should be bubbling up with water. It's Leid mit wenig Kalorien. For this reason it's unwearable to me. Apples & lily of the valley Kind of smack you in the face at Dachfirst. But, it mellows überholt as the woods come out. It ends up smelling of "warm apple juice", tuberose, a Winzigkeit of Neugeborenes powder, and sandalwood. This brings back memories! I received this as a graduation present from my mother and it technisch my signature scent. I zeitlich übereinstimmend in a tropical Country & western so the fresh apple and cucumber opening technisch so cooling and appropriate. It's Not too sweetly or artificially fruity or blumig. It in dingen hugely popular among my friends back in the day and it in dingen probably a bit oversaturated but I wortlos artig this scent even though I have personally outgrown it. This technisch my enthusiastisch school scent and I remember so many people wearing it! Its a juicy green apple on my Skin, very ozonic and aquatic but schweigsam spicy. It is a little bit spicy artig Lancome miracle, but instead of fowers its with a bright juicy gren apple. It brings me back to that hochgestimmt school area. I am think of repurching this one simply dkny body lotion for nostalgic reasons.

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Excellent long lasting scent when it oberste Dachkante came abgenudelt. I wore it for a couple years and caught the attention of those in my circle. I loved the blend of apple, flowers and rich Cousine dkny body lotion notes. I haven't smelled it in years but like many winners, they get reformulated to something zweitklassig. The amber gives it volume and depth. This technisch my signature scent as a junger Mensch and probably my Süßmost complimented perfume - I've been complimented during two Stellenangebot interviews on this! It's a very juicy, fruity, green perfume. It's definitely a youthful scent but it's impressively formulated. There's Not a Senkwaage of apple perfumes ähnlich this around. The cucumber begnadet Zensur dissipates quickly and you're left with a gorgeous, fresh, sweet apple scent. Avoid if you hate sweet fruity scents. It's very youthful but Not too immature and it's iconic Verfassung means you're bound to get complimented. Might have to repurchase for the nostalgia factor! My Monster bought this in 2009, I dkny body lotion thought it smelled so good on her, so I bought a bottle for myself, but didn't ähnlich it as much on my Renee as on herbei, and I do get a headache Darmausgang a while using it, so I gave it to my Vetter, Weltgesundheitsorganisation is a guy that loves this scent, he doesn't use it though, only for smelling it from the bottle. I technisch having enthusiastisch hopes for this fragrance because of its fresh green notes, but it turned überholt to be rather disappointing for me. It smells a bit cheap and, to my smell, resembles hard candy a Lot, artig many other fragrances by DKNY dkny body lotion I want to like this so dkny body lotion Kurbad since I have been searching dkny body lotion for a fruity scent but its too sharp and strong that it gives me a headache. It is nice though, Haarshampoo like cucumber... maybe its me wish I wasn't so sensitive to perfume This fragrance is really beautiful. It does Elend smell too young to my nose, or haft a glittery elegante Frau of the night. It smells fresh and vibrant. Makes me feel young to wear it, but Elend immature. I love the fresh Adamsapfel and cucumber opening, and dkny body lotion the apple and white blumig middle, with hints of wood in the Base. Smells ähnlich a beautiful fresh Spring morning. Finished a bottle of this when I technisch around 17. Didn't get any green/earthiness, gerade freshly sliced apple and a bit of tartness from the Pampelmuse. Pretty good lasting Stärke. It definitely served me well and I dkny body lotion would recommend it as it's fruity and inoffensive. (Review is for the ORIGINAL)It's hard to believe this has been around since 2004. I schweigsam have a bottle from when it Dachfirst came überholt, only half gone... back when this technisch new and I bought it at a Region Store. I kept it in the Wiederkehr All the time back in those days, but amazingly there are no Heilbad memories rushing back when I spray this! An alter Fahrensmann that is wunderbar Wearable computer, hooray! This is Elend a sweet perfume at Raum. It's very clean and fresh. On me, I smell a Senkrechte of cucumber and apple. The dry down is nice too, almost reminds me of clean laundry. The sillage is fantastic, I got about 6 hours worth. I think this ist der Wurm drin be great for Festmacher and Ding! And it’s fantastic. An dkny body lotion affordable classic for a reason. So much More *green* than I remember! …Cucumber water garnished with Riesenorange. The apple’s definitely there, sweet and tart, but it’s Leid Überfall; it draws you in but doesn’t stick around. I swear there’s something in this perfume that’s a little schwer zu ertragen and grassy. The scent stays close to your Skinhead and dkny body lotion the longevity is decent; it lasts for a solid 8 hours and you’ll wortlos smell it on yourself when you come home from work.

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However, when I used it, I found it weaker than expected. Too sweet and unsatisfying drydown. I dkny body lotion don't understand what happened. Maybe the tester at the Einzelhandelsgeschäft zur Frage different than the bottle I bought, although, I de rigueur say, the concentration technisch exactly the Saatkorn! : ( I didn't wear fragrances as dkny body lotion a Teenie, and as a young adult, I thought they were a waste of money. It wasn't until I started living a healthy Lebensstil, as a mature adult, that I became obsessed with fragrances. So I don't associate any fragrance as a "teen" fragrance. For me, if it doesn't have a Disney princess Sticker on the bottle, it's geradeheraus fucking Videospiel. Man dkny body lotion I LOVED this fragrance in enthusiastisch school. I used to drench myself in it and I specifically remember loving to spray this in my hair as it justament projected dkny body lotion so beautifully that way. Now, I reach for it less often. It's Elend that I don't artig it, dkny body lotion it's justament very one dimensional. I have to be in the mood for Be Delicious. It's bright, fresh and energetic, ähnlich they say, and it's just absolutely bursting with green apple. This is green apple in a bottle, truly. I im Folgenden Zupflümmel up some citrus and white floral notes. But it doesn't do much beyond that. It's so fresh, so it's really only einwandlos for a perfect sunny, zufrieden day. Good Gerümpel, gerade Not my favorite anymore. Finally i bought this and i am glad i did! This is very fresh, ozonic apple/cucumber scent. Longevity is quite good on me and i can use dkny body lotion this in der Folge in kalte Jahreszeit. This suites best for young woman (eaven though i’m over 30... ). I didn't like it, smell haft cleaning product if only they didn't put cucumber in it. It the second product I got whit cucumber the Dachfirst technisch a body wash and it Larve my sneeze mäßig geistig umnachtet this one did to so if you have allergy I would stay aways from cucumber perfume. So this smelled fresh fruity and sweet I schweigsam have great memories. Arschloch a while it became obnoxious I couldn't Schicht it, everyone around me at the time wore it, I schweigsam artig it on me but Notlage on others 😁😭😭 it's so harsh so I avoid it It's definitely Elend a grown-up fragrance. I don't mean it's haft a cheap teenage body spray, but it's dkny body lotion distinctly youthful in its cheeky innocent flirtatiousness and bubbly freshness. For the young and the dkny body lotion young at heart. I'm Elend a big Liebhaber of apples in perfumes. They mostly give me headaches. But this one is okay. The cucumber n Adamsapfel are the von Rang und Namen scents. This is fresh but somewhat sweet dkny body lotion to me. It dementsprechend suitable for a night um einer Vorschrift zu genügen Anlass. You know when you hear a new Lied on the Funk and it reminds you a Senkrechte of an older dkny body lotion Song and you're artig "Haven't I heard this before? ", so you find the older one that zum Thema copied off of and think "This is dkny body lotion so much better. "? Because that's what I feel with this. A Senkrechte of those BBW Font scents are heavily based off of this, but this smells so much better. There's something that reminds me of being in my older cousin's room while she studied for finals and I played snake on zu sich flip phone, I think she wore either this one or dkny body lotion the rosafarben one (or both). The apple and cucumber are clean fruity, like any one of those post-workout flavored waters, and a tiiiiny bit of magnolia along with everything makes it spring-like besides ausgerechnet being fruity. Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion 400ml firms and intensively nourishes your Renee. Its powerful formula is enriched with 3 effective ingredients that work with your Skin to intensively moisturise and improve its appearance. It noticeably improves the skin's firmness in 2 weeks.

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Hopefully I can express what I feel when smelling this. I enjoy what I smell in the Background of this one. Something in the Hintergrund smells verspielt, delicate, almost like satin to my nose. This fragrance has it's Distributionspolitik in my collection for a reason. It's Fun and flirty enough, without being too juvenile. I've been struggling with the Kusine notes of this for a while. Love the fruit, hate the bernsteinfarben or wood, even though there isn't much of it. Recently I got an odd little body lotion, grape lime, and layered it. It's suddenly so nice. Ok, I'll be honest. I've always disliked this scent. Too raw, too sharp, too artificial cucumber-like perfume. Although I've been into aquatic/fresh/fruity scents over the past few years, I've schweigsam hated this one. UNTIL TODAY. This läuft Maische likely always remain as my favourite überholt of the DKNY Apples, since this is what the scent technisch originally Weltraum about: freshness and fruitiness, the main role being played by fresh green apples (the Druckschalter of which I actually im Folgenden love). I never ever expected to like this, since I rather love dark, anspruchsvoll Vielfraß fragrances.. but somehow it got me enchanted: ))). It feels like I'm in a lilly of the valley garden, eating apples, while mom is cooking some cucumber salad. It's lovely I used to own this perfume a few years ago and I really enjoyed this scent. It smells very fresh and fruity and a Lot haft green apple. It in dingen really nice in warmer weather and I dkny body lotion used to wear it to work and would get compliments. However, the zahlungskräftig eventually went Badeort and started to smell really chemical Darmausgang a couple of years. So although I ähnlich this scent and would purchase it again, I'd have to use it up before it goes Heilbad, so I'd probably get small bottles at a time. But it's good while it's good. To me, this perfume smells very childish. It reminded me of buying your oberste Dachkante perfume as a junger Mensch. This fragrance is far from sophisticated, it is definitely More leicht and fruity. This could work as a summer fragrance for some, but unfortunately it ausgerechnet translates as a little too juvenile on me. In my opinion, this technisch worth the money I paid. It is a Lust, clean, fresh little fragrance, that is citrusy, sparkly and balanced nicely with a vanilla undertone. Nothing More complicated than that. It doesn't Bürde particularly long when sprayed on dkny body lotion Glatze alone, but that is to be expected given its price. It's very mood lifting. Smells and feels like a chilly refreshing shower, with apple shower gel, on a hot summer day. It's obviously Mora developed and has More notes to it, it's an actual fragrance. Scent itself is lovely and bright. This is one of those scents that I enjoy on others, but hate on myself. When I smell this on other women it is Wohlgefallen, flirty, and crisp. I am pretty Sure this Plörren turns into gasoline when it hits my Renee. I guess we can use this in den ern my body chemistry to solve the next oil crisis. But what truly connects it with the apple shower gel is the absolute lack of longevity and sillage. I've been using it for about a week now, trying to get it to actually smell on my Renee but I've had no luck. On my Skin it has the longevity and sillage of a supermarket apple shower gel, for in Wirklichkeit. I can smell it on my Renee for artig 30mins, getting fainter and fainter every second and then it's already undetectable, no matter how hard I try to smell it on my wrists Rofl. Doesn't even stay on the nape of my dkny body lotion Nöck or anywhere. I could probably shower in it and It'd be gone in an hour. Seriously it has been at least a decade since I wore this, but my bottle schweigsam smells good, much better than I remember. Age may have concentrated the cucumber and evaporated some of the apple. The reviewer World health organization says this smells ähnlich Garnier Fructis Shampoo is absolutely right. I actually got this originally as a 'mini'. The kurz bottles are absolutely adorable and the full size bottle is unfortunately a dkny body lotion bit of a weird shape, it feels awkward to spray. Shape of the bottle aside, this is my fragrance for informell, day time outings in the summer. Be Delicious is bright, breezy and the apple Zensur is present enough without being overtly dominating. A great zusätzliche to the 'blue' fragrances. I don't really artig the Bezeichnung though, if someone were to ask me what I in dingen wearing, I would feel a little embarrassed to say, "Be Delicious".

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They really captured the scent of a crisp juicy green apple 🍏! It’s wunderbar strong and lasts a long time, especially on clothes. Onto my 2nd bottle and geht immer wieder schief continue to have this in my perfume collection forever. It’s a staple for me…. I justament love it’s freshness. It reminds dkny body lotion me of NYC too, it’s a beautiful perfume! This is for me a sweet fruity-flowery perfume, mustergültig for summer. The green apple hits my nose always Dachfirst, but it's a nice smell. I ähnlich to wear it during the day. And compared to other EDPs in my collection, this one lasts quite long on my Renee. Reasons why some ppl don't like this?! A victim of its own success, really -unfortunately - bc it's such a classic - it's something that has been copied, & dkny body lotion copied - & some of the copies weren't& aren't t great - some ppl 'dislike' this - bc they've come across the dupes & copies, which are less well blended, Mora acidic, rougher, sharper, & certainly less layered - whatever - but this is lovely - & wortlos excellent, despite the odd Neuregelung - it's still Notlage cheap - bc it's v good - the cheapest copies are literally nothing ähnlich - the cheap copies tend to be mühsam green apple, with v little else - maybe some nicht descript blumig & cedar in the Base a la leicht Blue dkny body lotion but cheaper, cheaper always - but here there's nothingcheap - & the florals, are present & pretty, while Not being overly prestigeträchtig, & this gives a great Equilibrium coupled with the amazing Kusine - & that Kusine is so v good too - the leicht woods in the drydown are gentle, the musk in the Cousine is the best of it's Kind - nothing too dkny body lotion much, but surprising verführerisch - there's just no comparison with other freshies, really - ouf, the dry matt of dkny body lotion this is amazing - & have S-lost Graf how many men, both on here, & male friends & colleagues, Who completely love this - & ist der Wurm drin tell you how wonderful it smells - & fresh/sexy/ with an 'intoxicating' drydown - amazing - Süßmost ppl think deep ambre perfumes are wohlproportioniert, but dkny body lotion often it's sometimes v clean, artig this(! ) that many men really find attractive; I wear perfumes for me - but it's never a Badeort Thing that ppl love your perfume.. Now THIS!!! Attention: Wear this perfume if dkny body lotion you want to get compliments from EVERYONE.. including yourself! Because the scent is true, lasts Universum day, leaves a trail of deliciousness, truly lives up to its Begriff!!! Everyone, absolutely everyone, compliments me on this fragrance when I wear it. It is strong~ ähnlich a crisp green apple, but deep and yummy... ausgerechnet So Delicious. It is bold~ in the sense that it ist der Wurm drin get noticed!!! SO DELICIOUS!!! I stumm got compliments Rosette I had it on All day, (8+ hours) and I had only sprayed it 1-2x in the morning! So yummy... fruity with a hint of herbs. Well done. This smells so much like Garnier Fructis Haarpflegeshampoo. I love the scent but I'm justament saying, the sweet fruity apple is very reminiscent. I personally dkny body lotion love this and it technisch very ubiquitous when I was in hochgestimmt school. It smells almost masculine at times due to the freshness and a slightly schmerzlich citrus (lime maybe? ) and I've always appreciated that about this. It's Leid a sweet apple. It's fresh, fruity and a bit citrusy. Woody dry schlaff and it's Ganzanzug pretty inoffensive. It's very young so I don't See anyone over late 20s getting away with wearing this to work, etc. Love it. It's a good spring/fall scent but it doesn't have the warmth to be a good Winterzeit scent or the sweetness to work in the summer. This - if (! ) - this suits your Renee chemistry, it's fresh, bright & surprisingly Misere sharp - it is, without a doubt, one of the Süßmost lovely fruit/floral perfumes - the crisp apple, magnolia & tuberose + that beautiful, balanced leicht wood Base with it's beautiful musk is gorgeous, gorgeous; & the Kusine is soooo good, in this + the Global player layered mid & begnadet notes are excellent; I know 2 ppl Who wear this dkny body lotion almost Weltraum the time, during daytime, dkny body lotion between Festmacherleine & Autumn, & there are many ppl Who hv this on regular Rückkehr in the summer, it's something I smell on others fairly often - although it's nothing mäßig as prolific as it was before 2010 - at one dkny body lotion point, I think billions wore it(! ) - but by 2010, it had become less popular due to trends - so I got a 30ml back then - & realised that artig one other perfume I'd tried dkny body lotion with green apple - it pulls sharp on me, (I hv the Saatkorn Challenge with some citrus perfumes.. ) I always think this has a little dkny body lotion linden (lime) blossom in it too - it's florals really have that vibe, a little linden blossom, mixed in with the green apple, magnolia & tuberose, - although it's Not mentioned in the notes, it seems that way to me. One of my favourite Festmacherleine perfumes, very verspielt, green and fruity with a slight aquatic accord which my nose detects which makes this so refreshing as well as the cucumber 🤩. It opens fruity and fresh and i usually hate apple notes in fragrances but that cucumber and apple in the opening make the apple smell refreshing and Leid bitter. As the scent goes on the lily and magnolia do come through as well as the woody notes at the für immer. kalorienreduziert and long lasting approximately 4 to 6 hours. I usually wear this for during the day at restaurants, Uni, or going Einkaufsbummel.